Wayne Auto Parts will be closing in June 2014.

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Recent article in the Bargain Hunter

Wayne Auto Parts At Dover has been a part of the community for 56 years.The bittersweet decision to close the salvage yard did not come easy for brothers and owners Eric and Keith Hay. The business was started in 1957 by their dad, Wayne Hay, along with his wife Catherine

"I have worked here for 50 years," said Eric Hay. "I used to get off the school bus here and work with my dad. I,ve seen every square inch of this place and i have done every job there is to do here."

The 14-acre site is prime real estate with easy access to state Route 39 and the interstate and will be sold. "We have taken care not to pollute the land, " said Hay. "We saved oil, antifreeze, brake fluid and even windshield washer fluid. The last time there were no cars on this land was back when dad started the business. Who knows , it might be developed with a hotel or restaurants one day."

Hay gave several reasons for the decline in business. "Aftermarket parts are made in China and are cheap. We used to do great drive axle business but everything is just made better nowadays. Cars are made better. Roads are made better and young kids dont't work on cars like they used to. When i was in school i'd change spark plugs all the time. Now spark plugs will last for 100.000 miles. "

A closing date has been set for Dec. 31 with an auction of the office equipment and furniture planned in November. In the meantime , the salvage yard will continue to do business and reduce inventory. " We used to have 1200 vehicles, "said Hay. "Last summer we got rid of 200 and just Last week we had a crusher from Wooster get rid of another 200 so we are down to 800 vehicles now. "

Employees, some of whom have been with the company for 10 years, are seeking employment elsewhere, "i'm going to 65 soon and i am ready to retire. I feel bad for our employees. This is not easy for us, " said Hay.

"We have only just recently announced we are closing and we get calls every day from customers saying they are going to miss us, " said Hay. "We are going to miss them too. "

Thanks to Audatex and Ebay who have provided us with a unique tool that allows us to export our inventory straight to ebay through a powerful interface. Many of our highest quality or specialty parts are available at anytime.

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